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Breast Tomosynthesis

Breast Tomosynthesis or 3D breast imaging is a process where during the exposure the x-ray tube travels in an arc over the breast creating series of very thin slices of the breast. The thin slices are then reconstructed using advanced software to produces images similar to MRI or CT. Breast Tomosyntheis was approved by the FDA in February 2011.

 “A further application of digital mammography, breast tomosynthesis has shown great promise as an advance over digital mammography, with higher cancer detection rates and fewer patient recalls for additional testing. This is extremely important. The medical community has long sought ways to improve breast cancer screening accuracy. Better sensitivity will likely translate into more lives saved. Lower recall rates result in fewer patients who may experience short-term anxiety awaiting test results.”[ACR Statement on Breast Tomosynthesis, July 22, 2014]