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University Radiologists are physicians that have focused training in the interpretation and evaluation of imaging procedures such as Cat Scans and MRIs. Within our diverse group, we have sub-specialized, fellowship trained physicians, meaning your doctor will have received additional training in special areas of imaging such as Neuroradiology, Chest Imaging, Cardiac PET, and Noninvasive Interventional Radiology. For you, the patient, this provides access to a team of experts no matter what imaging procedure we interpret for you or what facility you visit.

Unlike other specialists, when you arrive for a routine radiology procedure it is likely you will not see a radiologist before you leave. You will, however, work with highly trained technologists and nurses to take “pictures” that will later be reviewed and interpreted by a University Radiologist. The radiologist will then complete a full report of any findings to be sent to your doctor. Typically reports are sent to your doctor’s office within 1-2 days of your exam.

If you are scheduled for a specialized or invasive radiology procedure you may be consulted by a radiologist prior to your exam. Upon completion and interpretation of your procedure, the radiologist will provide a full report to your doctor’s office within 1-2 days.

Outstanding patient care is at the forefront of our values and has created a unique environment that approaches the patient experience from a different perspective. At University of Tennessee Outpatient Center in Turkey Creek, you may ask to speak directly to a radiologist if you have questions about any procedures or are concerned about your results. Our physicians are dedicated to getting your results to you faster and have committed themselves to providing a full report to your doctor’s by the close of the business day.

If you are interested in having your CT, Nuclear Medicine, Digital X-Ray, completed at University of Tennessee Outpatient Center in Turkey Creek, you may bring in your doctor’s referral for your imaging procedure to our office even if you are scheduled somewhere else. Please call our office at 865-777-6700 if you would like to make an appointment.